How it Works

Guidance and Education

Ethan Arbelo - examination room

Often parents of the newly diagnosed are very overwhelmed and it is difficult to know what your next move will be. As a free-service, Ethan’s Journeys will connect parents with additional education regarding their child’s diagnosis/prognosis while offering emotional support during such a trying time; thus encouraging parents to be their child’s advocate, allowing them to voice their fears and concerns to the doctors but more importantly, to themselves.

“No Limits”  Bucket List

While there are other foundations that provide a ‘wish’ to terminally-ill children; there is no limit to the requests a child may make of Ethan’s Journeys. The structure of our competition is that a child or his/her representative must designate a list of three items the child would like to do and the organization then select one item that it will sponsor for the child. In contrast, Ethan’s Journeys will afford each child the opportunity of having as many items as they wish; law-permitting and funds-available.

Grant Allocation

Through public fundraising, endowments and corporate sponsorships, Ethan’s Journeys will periodically provide an annual grant reaching up to $1,000.00 to families whose child(ren) are currently in treatment for pediatric cancer. Upon receiving requested documentation from the family’s medical social worker, doctor or Physician’s Assistant; Ethan’s Journeys board will meet to collectively review and approve assistance based on immediate need. Ethan’s Journeys will also provide grants to other pediatric cancer not-for-profit organizations that provide financial aid to families currently in treatment whenever possible.

Ethan Arbelo getting treatment

Other Financial Assistance

We will also provide gift cards in nominal amounts to cover the cost of regular commute for treatments, meals and various other costs incurred while seeking treatment at home or away. Additionally, Ethan’s Journeys will provide ‘Parent Advocacy’. Parent advocates help others navigate the world of pediatric cancer.