Ethan and Mom

Photo courtesy of Dania Maxwell, Naples Daily News

It was July 3, 2014 and mine was the last face he would look upon as he died in my arms in our home. In December the year prior, as we traveled to yet another radiation therapy treatment, Ethan began to sob and said, ‘Don’t let them forget me..don’t ever let them forget I was here.’  I promised and as we linked our pinkies, Ethan’s Journeys was born.

Ethan’s Journeys wants to offer hope to terminally ill children for a life beyond clinics, rotating radiation machines, chemo drips and MRIs. Most people have no idea that the majority of these children are aware that they are watching the world go by. Our goal here is to stop the world; however briefly and help them experience their hopes, their dreams, their forevers.

Ethan’s Journeys is a 501(3c) non-profit corporation whose founder and President is Maria E. Maldonado (Ethan’s mother).

While our primary mission is to provide ‘Bucket Lists’ (a list of everything one wants to accomplish in life) to children suffering from pediatric cancer, we also provide financial assistance for families to help ease the burden while caring for a child battling terminal pediatric cancer in any form. Ethan’s Journeys began donating funds to families battling pediatric cancer in June 2014; most often in terminal cases.

Maria Maldonado - Ethan's Journeys